Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids is a boarding school and primary location of the first season of School Break. It serves as a boarding school for bad kids to be educated in without leaving until finishing their GCSE's. Extreme bad behaviour needs to be comitted at a school by a student for them to be sent to Wolf Pond. Students can recieve visits from parents and carers.

All the characters were sent from Cornfield High School. Ben Havel was sent to Wolf Pond after destroying a teacher's laptop in a fit of rage. Tyriq Gildea was sent becuase he assaulted a teacher, Amarni Alisi and Sean Donlon were sent after a student named Jack Parks falsely accused them of stealing, Aaron Bosch was sent after he flushed a bully's belongings down a toilet, Matthew Knox was sent as a result of continious disobedience following the death of his cat and Elijah Pimm was caught doing drugs. It isnt explained why Kaleb Robinson and Reynold "R.B" Banks were sent.


  • Classrooms
  • Storage room
  • Cantine
  • Dormitories
  • Tennis Courts
  • Play ground
  • Several other lcoations